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Time Share Merchant Accounts

A timeshares merchant account is simply a merchant account issued by a credit card processor that is underwritten by a bank friendly towards timeshare companies. This includes companies that offer advertising and marketing of timeshares, timeshare vacation rentals, timeshare relief, timeshare contract cancellation, escape, deed transfers, sales & marketing, timeshare tour operators, relief, and promotion. This may also include timeshare telemarketing companies, listings & classified services, timeshare advertisements, and "get out of your timeshare" services. A timeshares merchant may also offer particular types of credit card cards, debits, check cards, or other types of cards that are common in that particular country (visa,mastercard,discover, amex, electron, etc.).

Time Share Merchant Accounts merchant account providers may be able to easily obtain information about your company including ownership, annual revenue, costs and profits, as this is public information in many countries. While such an open society provides minimal personal privacy, it can make it easier to submit the initial application. Each country will have its own rules and regulations for merchant account applications, and you do not really know what they are before you apply the first time. Most applications within a country will be very similar. Offshore merchant applications are on the contrary the same regardless off what country you may apply for, and in general it is easy to be approved within a few days as long as you business model is acceptable. Some pros and cons about timeshares merchant accounts:


  • Offer of local/national credit or debit cards

  • Local support in your language

  • Open during your regular national business hours

  • National credit score may help to be approved

  • Knowledge of local and national laws

  • Standardized application requirements


  • Potential higher discount rates

  • Public ownership records

  • Higher national taxation

  • Complex accounting requirements

  • Annual filings

Businesses may find that utilizing an offshore merchant account requirements will make it easier to focus on the core business, as no there are no accounting requirements. We encourage you to submit your application today and let us help you obtain a merchant account in an offshore jurisdiction.

Time Share Merchant Accounts VS Offshore Merchant Accounts

To obtain a timeshares merchant account you will first need to research providers within your own country. Your business model and website will determine whether you will be approved or not. The application requirements for an offshore merchant account will be similar, however, there are more advantages. Please see the comparison table below.

Annual required accounting requirements No annual accounting requirements required
National personal credit score may be required Foreign credit score not required
Few local merchant providers Many offshore merchant providers
Rates 2-4% 10% rolling reserve
Gateway in your local language Gateway in English or Spanish
High incorporation costs Low incorporation costs*
Standard transaction fees Standard transaction fees
Low processing volume High processing volume
Strict national rules and regulation Offshore rules and regulations
Medium/High corporate tax No corporate tax
Visa 3-D Secure, MasterCard SecureCode, etc. Visa 3-D Secure, MasterCard SecureCode, etc.
High risk businesses OK High risk businesses OK
Low start up fees Low start up fees

* Our offshore package includes ZERO upfront costs. You will be deducted a one-time flat amount once you have processed for a minimum amount of money to cover all your start up costs. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your business to start to process offshore.

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The Merchant Bank will assign you a unique number called a Merchant ID Number or MID. This unique number is issued by our processor and linked to every credit card transaction which is performed on your Web site.

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