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Travel Agent Merchant Account

What is a travel merchant account? It's simply a merchant account that has been underwritten and approved of by a travel friendly sponsoring bank. We offer multiple banking relationships for your travel business to get your "travel merchant" account approved. There are both financial and competitive advantages of doing business with a travel friendly merchant bank including:

  • Lower discount rates

  • High sales volume

  • Low risk of Shut Off

  • Hotel Booking Services OK

  • Airline Tickets OK

  • Exotic Tours OK

  • High Volume High Ticket OK

  •, USAEPAY, NMI Compatible

Submit your application today and let us help you obtain a merchant account with a travel processor.

The Process of Aquiring a Travel Merchant Account

Different countries have different sets of requirements for international business companies that utilize travel merchant accounts. If you are an existing merchant you will find our solutions to be exceptionally streamlined. However, if you are new to merchant accounts, the process of obtaining an account may appear somewhat tedious. It's not difficult, it just requires certain steps to be followed including:

- Open a company (you can be the sole owner)
- Open a bank account and apply for a merchant account
- Integrate the Gateway or use the available "Pay Buttons"

Our solutions are for professional Online Internet Ecommerce MOTO companies which know what they are looking for (integrated gateway and virtual terminal, own credit card descriptor, low merchant fees, online banking, etc.), and for the novice Online Internet Ecommerce MOTO professional who is willing to complete the steps it takes to get his/her own tour business agent travel merchant account.

Rates: Expect to spend between 2-4% for the transaction fees (no setup fee) (at this point you are ready to process orders). Monthly fees range between $10 - $25 depending on how many additional services you use.

Approval Time: If your business is approved and you can produce the required documents within 1-2 days, you can be ready to process orders within 2-4 business days. The frequent "delay" is related to the applicant needing time to obtain the required documents.

Merchant Account Requirements

Most travel merchant account applications will have many of the same requirements. We encourage you to submit your application today and find out whether you qualify or not. If you are approved, you will have to produce a few conditions (documents) needed by the underwriter to get your account up and running. We will help you with the application forms and explain what documents you need to obtain. Complete the online application today for an initial review and response within 1 business day, or contact us for more information.

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The Merchant Bank will assign you a unique number called a Merchant ID Number or MID. This unique number is linked to every credit card transaction which is performed on your Web site.

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